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Sponsoring a child’s education is the first step in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty for them and their families.

Help A Child To Study Project makes it possible for you to sponsor the educational expenses of a student of your choice. You can either tell us the name of a specific student from our list or select according to the courses you are passionate about. Else, you could give us a budget and we would assign it to the student who needs it the most.

A little step by you today would go a long way in shaping the tomorrow of our students.

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The minimum donation to adopt a child ranges from Rs. 3,300 to 33,000 per student per year.

How many students would you like to sponsor?

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Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • Yes, I understand that my support will make a difference to the Help A Child project with academic support towards improving the learning levels of needy students and children.

  • Yes, I look forward to receiving a detailed profile of the student along with photographs and regular updates of the student’s academic progress.