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Our Impact

We provide scholarships to meritorious and underprivileged students for higher education from the tenth standard onwards.

Since 2001, we have helped over 5800 student’s study. Of these over 1000 scholars become engineers, doctors, and officers. The areas of our operation are Northern Karnataka, Sakharwadi (Ahmednagar), Mumbai and Sehore dist in Madhya Pradesh.


Year wise No. of Sponsored students

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Madhya Pradesh
- - - 18 (2.12%) 23 (2.83%)
134 (17.67%) 145 (17.92%) 139 (19.82%) 107 (12.65%) 90 (11.07%)
624 (82.32%) 624 (82.07%) 562 (80.17%) 721 (85.22%) 698 (86.06%)
758 809 701 846 811

Along with the scholarships, Help A Child has also made an impressive impact on the families and the community within which it operates. The main spheres which showed affirmative changes are the economic, social and healthcare sectors.

Poverty Alleviation

Basic amenities such as water supply and toilet facilities have become more accessible. The financial stability of the families has increased, reducing the debt on families.

Social Responsibility

The people associated with the program have shown considerable growth in understanding their social responsibilities as well as knowing their rights like voting, applying for government identification documents, etc. The marriage age for girls has increased in the regions associated with Help A Child.


People have better access to medical treatment at hospitals and are aware of the importance of sanitation. They have been prioritising and accessing better environments for childbirth.