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Stories of Hope

I’m now an educated, independent woman who can take care of my family’s needs

Kavita Kalal, a resident of Lokapur village in Karnataka is an orphan and she used to stay in a room provided by her relatives. She used to clean people’s houses every day before school to fund her studies. Being the eldest in her family, the responsibility of her siblings fell on her shoulders at a very tender age. After completing her pre-university course, graduation as well as her post-graduation in Hindi and B.Ed, she is preparing for competitive examinations. She is also teaching her neighbour’s children so as to encourage young children to focus on their education!

Shilpa is working as an engineer at Tata Consultancy Service

Shilpa H Dhupad’s father was a small farmer and worked as a daily wage labourer to supplement his income to support the family. However, Shilpa lost her father in 6th grade. Her mother also worked as a daily wage labourer, but it was hard on the family to support Shilpa and her elder sister’s studies. Today, Shilpa is now an engineer at Tata Consultancy Services and supports the family through her income. Help A Child supported her throughout her studies from taking Science in higher secondary to successfully completing her four years of engineering.

I am a proud entrepreneur today thanks to Help A Child’s support!

Laxmibai V. Kalyankar’s parents earned meagre wages and lived in a Government provided house. Being illiterate, didn’t stop them from wanting a better life for their children. The focussed on their education. While one son discontinued their studies after 7th grade, the other now is doing his B.A. However, Laxmibai with the support of Help A Child went on to complete her four-year degree in Engineering. Today, she runs a browsing centre in her town with the help of a bank loan she procured raising her family’s income from a mere Rs 40,000 a year to Rs 5 lakhs a year.

Teaching was my passion. Thank you Help A Child for helping me become one!

Belonging to a family of weavers, Danamma I Bandigani’s parents earned around Rs 30 per sari after deducting the rentals of the weaving machines, electricity charges and raw materials are weavers. Weaving up to five to six sarees a day, Danamma also put in an hour to two, to support her family. After getting a scholarship from Help A Child, Danamma has completed her Diploma in Education and now works as an Assistant Teacher in a private primary school in Bagalkhot, Karnataka at a sum of Rs 6,000 per month.

Today Nikhil is Trainee Engineer at Accenture!

Nikhil G Dashyal lost both his parents early on. He and his sister lived with his grandparents and were supplemented by their grandparents pension. In spite all odds, Nikhil continued to excel in his studies while working part-time during holidays to support his family. During his graduation, he worked as data entry personnel to support his studies as well as his family. He has recently been offered a position in Accenture as a Trainee Engineer with a Rs 4.5 lacs package per year. Made possible with his scholarship which helped him complete his pre-university course and Engineering in E&C.

My education makes me who I am today! I am thankful for the support I received.

Bhavani S Salgude lost both her parents at a young age. Supported by her maternal uncle, she and her siblings with her grandmother, maternal uncle and aunt live in a small house provided by the Government. Help A Child supported Bhavani’s two years of pre-university course and three-year degree course in commerce. Bhavani did very well in her studies and scored 89.5% in 10th grade, 94.5% in 12th commerce and 86% in commerce degree. Based on 12th progress, she is appointed as the Village Accountant by Revenue Dept of the Karnataka State Govt and earns Rs 20,000 per month and taking care of her sibling’s further education and the family of maternal uncle.

I wanted to help others like me. Help A Child showed me how…

Sunil S Chouri’s parents are daily wage workers. His father’s alcoholism left nothing to support the family. Sunil worked in a stationary shop part-time to support his studies and family. With Help A Child’s support, Sunil completed his bachelors and masters in social work and now works as a Project Coordinator in an NGO earning Rs 15,000 per month.

I thought being a farm labourer was my lot, today thanks to Help A Child, I’m a Agriculture Officer!

Born to an agricultural family, Yellappa B Daddimani’s future was sealed. His parents worked as farmers and farm labourers and his siblings also practiced the same. Yellappa was the first child in the family to study beyond 10th grade. After getting a scholarship, Yellappa completed his pre-university course and B.Sc. in Agriculture. He is now an Agriculture Officer at Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank, Vijayapur Dist, Karnataka and earns Rs 4.8 lacs a year.

Thanks to Help A Child I could study further and complete my Masters degree!

Shabana J. Hakki’s father is a carpenter in her village and mother’s a daily wage labourer. Her younger siblings are also studying in primary and high school, making it difficult for her parents to support her higher education. With Help A Child’s sponsorship Shabana completed her two-year Masters degree in Science and now works as a Technical Assistant in a State Government Veterinary Hospital. She can now not only support her family but also the higher studies of her siblings!